Waste Water Discharge Flow Metering & Study

Sewer Water Flow Study

ISCO 2160 with Laser Flow Sensor, application on a Sewer Water Flow Study, in order to determine of the sewer system is able to handle the capacity demanded by the community, due to the propensity of flooding in the area near Río Piedras, in San Juan, Puerto Rico.



Waste Water Discharge Flow and pH Metering Installation

ISCO Signature® installation project, on a waste water parshall flume, for flow and pH with FreeWave® wireless communication system. This system assures EPA regulatory compliance on waste water discharges.

Sewer Water Flow Study Project Application

Flow monitoring is an essential procedure to collect data for evaluating and characterizing wet-weather and dryweather flow conditions in sanitary sewer collection systems. Real time use of the data for supporting operational decision-making/optimization and in-time maintenance activities has been a growing trend.




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