About Us

Our vision

MSSG is mainly dedicated to providing calibration services, sales and installations of equipment for these purposes, and certification services for pharmaceutical, manufacturing industries, laboratories, and the food and beverage industries.

What can we do for your organization?

MSSG fulfills the client’s needs on calibration troubleshooting, repairs, preventive maintenance, manpower, validation support, chemical products, design, and turn-key projects.

Our Leadership

Our expert teams are entitled to work in hard environments to obtain exact and quick results by using the latest technology available on the market to exceed needs in today’s industry. We are specialized in servicing pharmaceutical, medical equipment and supplies, manufacturing, government agencies, hospital facilities, hotels, agriculture, livestock, and the food and beverage industry.

Our Expertise

Our highly experienced and qualified personnel assesses the most useful and up-to-date standards that can help you get the job done faster when we are calibrating instruments, troubleshooting, or running routine maintenance. To ensure our work’s quality, all our standards are NIST traceable certified.