Stormwater and Waste Water Monitoring

ISCO Storm Water Monitoring System Installation

Solar-powered automated storm water outdoor refrigerated sampler system operating over a manhole. Ensure EPA regulatory compliance on waste water discharges with this system. The automatic sampler can be programmed days or even weeks ahead of a defined event such as a specific pH level, rainfall accumulation, or flow volume, that triggers a primary or secondary sampling protocol via the attached parameter sonde or remotely from the 2105C/G module. The 6700 series samplers can be programmed to take “first flush” samples at the start of a storm event. The same sampler can then place subsequent flow-weighted or parameter-based samples in a second group of bottles. The water quality parameters such as pH, DO, conductivity, temperature, turbidity, salinity, etc. can be measured by the sonde attached to the sampler controller. This data is transmitted using ASCII protocol from the sampler to the 2105C/G via the serial cable. The 2150 flow module with area velocity sensor measures flow using continuous wave Doppler technology. The 674 rain gauge uses a tipping bucket.



ISCO Storm Water Monitoring System Installation

Stormwater runoff is a major contributor to surface water pollution, perpetuating ever-increasing state and federal demands for stormwater runoff control and reporting. A wide range of flexible instrumentation enables Teledyne Isco to meet non-point source discharge monitoring requirements.

Regulating Stormwater Discharge

The National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) Stormwater Program regulates stormwater discharges from potential sources that include both point and non-point sources. Operators and managers of storm sewer systems, construction sites, croplands, industrial sectors, and urban areas may be required to obtain authorization to discharge stormwater, in accordance with both federal law, and often more stringent state and local regulations.

Businesses, municipalities, and other organizations must develop comprehensive stormwater monitoring programs. These programs typically consist of several parts, including the collection and storage of storm event data on rainfall, flow, and measured pollutant levels, as well as taking water samples during the storm event for laboratory analysis. Representative sample collection is dependent upon crucial factors such as timing, flow volume, and water quality.

Rapidly changing storm conditions can present several challenges to accurate sample collection, monitoring of system status, program adjustment needs, and data retrieval. With instrumentation from Teledyne Isco, a site-specific system can provide precise automatic sampling with real-time data collection and flexible programming.
All of this and more can be achieved from remote locations.


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