UV Light

UVC OR Package offers a fixed solution to help reduce potential pathogens in the OR environment. By using a series of strategically placed UVC disinfection fixtures, the OR Package also helps to:

Protect Patients and Staff Improve in-between case and terminal cleaning disinfection in less than 10 minutes. Minimize staff (no additional employees required).Permanent Installation: Unlike a mobile UVC device, which might be somewhere else in your facility, the OR Package is permanently installed in your most critical environment – the OR – and therefore is always present and available for use for UV room disinfection. Timed Daily Cycle: Simply set it like an alarm clock and, without the need for additional personnel, run the OR Package at full intensity, at any predetermined time the OR will not be in use. Use Before, During And After A Procedure: Use the American Ultraviolet UVC Operating Room “Package” to disinfect the OR before and/or after surgical procedures.

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STBF (Pendant 360°) Upper-Air Series

STBF (Pendant 360°) Upper-Air series units are designed to be suspended in occupied spaces at a minimum height of 7 1/2 feet off of the floor. STBF series fixtures provide 600-800 square feet of coverage, or 1,000-1,400 square feet per fixture, depending upon the series you choose. STBF units utilize a fan to aid with air mixing and are designed to operate on a 120 or 220-volt electrical feed, allowing installation flexibility. Multiple fixtures can be used to cover larger areas.