Gas Calibration Kits

GDS Corp Gas Calibration Kits are designed to provide the most accurate reference source available for single, dual and multiple gas mixtures. Each cylinder of calibration gas has traceability to NIST standards, ensuring accurate and repeatable calibrations.

GDS Corp Gas Calibration Kits are available for the following gases: Ammonia, Carbon Dioxide, Carbon Monoxide, Chlorine, Hexane, Hydrogen, Hydrogen Sulfide, Hydrogen Cyanide, Isobutylene, Methane, Nitrogen Dioxide, Oxygen, Sulfur Dioxide and more. Specialized gases are available upon request.

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For highly corrosive gases with short shelf-life, including chlorine and chlorine dioxide, field-based gas generators such as the CAL 2000 are recommended for long term use where periodic calibration is done more than once a year. GDS Corp calibration kits provide a convenient and cost-effective tool for maintaining the peak efficiency and maximum protection provided by any gas detection system. Each kit contains a cylinder of calibration gas, a matching fixed flow regulator, flexible tubing, a calibration cup to match the gas detector’s sensor head and a polycarbonate case that supports one or two cylinders. Periodic calibration is necessary to maintain the performance of any gas detection system, and GDS Corp Calibration Kits contain all the necessary components in one single package. Typical 103L (combustible) or 58L (toxic) cylinders contain sufficient gas for more than 50 calibration cycles, with shelf life for most gases in excess of one year.

Key Features

  • Convenient package contains all items necessary for calibration
  • Wide range of combustible and toxic gases available
  • Calibration gas traceable to NIST standards
  • Replacement cylinders available for all gases
  • Over 50 standard gas or gas blend concentrations available
  • Kit includes room for optional “zero air” cylinder
  • GDS Corp Gas Calibration Kits Helps Maintain Peak Performance for Toxic or Combustible Gas Detection
    Systems; Critical Tool to Ensure Continued Safe Monitoring for Gas Hazards
  • No disposal or return fees for empty cylinders
  • Includes cylinder of gas, tubing, fixed flow regulator and case
  • Each cylinder includes lot number and expiration date
  • High quality stainless steel fixed flow regulators for 0.5 and 1 LPM
  • Typical cylinder of combustible gas supports 50+ cal cycles
  • Manufactured in USA