SeaQuest in Pig Farm Drinking Water

In pig farming, constipation, kidney damage, quality in water supply systems, and many others are avoided. In plants, photosynthesis, flowering, and fruiting processes are improved. Similarly, the growth of lateral roots is favored by phosphate nutrition. As our product is a soluble phosphate, it will be ready for plants to absorb immediately.

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SeaQuest is a unique blend of poly and otho phosphates certified by NSF


✔ lowers lead and cooper to below EPA mandated levels
✔ does not need any added pH control
✔ eliminates all negative effects of hardness
✔ stops discolored water
✔ lowers THM’s and HAA by reducing required chlorine levels
✔ removes pre-existing scale and corrosion deposits
✔ without negatively effecting water quality
✔ prevents formation of scale and corrosion deposits