Environmental Leverage

Environmental Leverage is a line of products represented by MSSG, which comprises bioaugmentation products for wastewater applications in papermills, refineries, chemical, tanneries, municipalities, textiles, steel, agriculture, animal feedlot, gun powder plant, food and beverage- dairy products, orange juice factory, wineries, cookie factory, vegetable processing plant, meat packing, barbecue restaurant, aquaculture, ornamental ponds for algae control, concentrated animal feeding operation, nursing homes, military, campgrounds, universities, and regulatory agencies.


MicroClear® MicroBlock™


Solid slow-release bacteria formulation

Solid block products, like MicroBlock™, are specifically formulated for use in lift stations, wet wells, pretreatment tanks and grease traps that are upstream of the plant. With the use of our products, you will enjoy continued phone & email support / troubleshooting advise, from our MSSG Inc., to help rid your existing fat, oil and grease problems.



Slow release MicroBlock™ technology gives 24-hour application. Packaged for use to be hung and submerged in various upstream situation where there is odor problems & fat, oil and grease problems. This biological solid product offers efficient alternatives to chemical use.


MicroSolv™ 106



MicroSolv™ 106 is specifically formulated and packaged for use in golf courses to help remove thatch and help keep the grass greener and healthier.





Biological Wastewater Treatment Products



We carry a full line of biological products that come in various forms- Powder, Liquid or Solids in various containers and numerous sizes specifically designed to fit your needs.

Check out the individual product bulletins by clicking on the links of the name of each product. Dry Formulations In 1lb. Water Soluble Pouches.



MicroSolv 202 – Landfill applications and Leachate



MicroSolv 202 is a high potency, bacteria-laden, powdered formulation for use in degrading many types of waste.


MicroSolv 202 contains a specially formulated blend of microorganisms, micro/macronutrients, and surface tension suppressants/penetrants.

Because of the diversity of the microorganisms’ enzymes incorporated into this product, it is excellent for use in industrial wastewater applications. The safe naturally occurring bacteria are present in high numbers to handle difficult industrial and landfill leachate wastewater problems.


MicroClear® 501



This is a new product specifically formulated and packaged for use in animal feed lots to help with odor control problems, reduce BOD and final effluent quality.

Side benefits have been shown to increase animal health, increase weight gain, and reduce vet bills. Can be used in lagoon systems and manure troughs.

This is a new product specifically formulated and packaged for use in animal feed lots to help with odor control problems, reduce BOD and final effluent quality.


MicroClear® 35S 10X



Liquid formulation for car washes MicroClear 35S 10X is a liquid solution of specially selected multi-cultured bacterial strain concentrate.

These enzyme catalysts work synergistically for the fastest action available in a liquid digestant using nature’s own cleaning agents.


MicroClear® 1XFHC


This liquid is specially formulated and packaged for direct addition to drains and grease traps in homes, restaurants and commercial buildings.





MicroSolv™ L-Marine


MicroSolv™ L-Marine contains a synergized blend of biological organisms, all of which has been selectively chosen for accelerated degradation capabilities of organic compounds such as grease, fats, proteins, starch, sugars, and cellulose.

MicroSolv L-Marine is specially formulated and Marine Sanitation MicroClear 209 packaged for direct addition to drains and small septic tanks. A special odor eliminator and fragrance is added to help kill odors nearly anywhere.


Micronutrients – MicroClear® M100


Research biologists have long known the importance of micronutrients, such as trace minerals, amino acids and vitamins, in the growth and reproduction of healthy cells. Micronutrients are a blend of trace minerals, amino acids and vitamins designed to improve performance of biological systems at the bacterial cell level.

Much of the work on micronutrients was pioneered in the agricultural industries of poultry, cattle and pig farming. This product is fed daily as a source of vitamins to the animals.

Under controlled conditions, researchers have been able to develop formulations that provide an optimum micronutrient balance to ensure rapid and healthy growth for bacteria in a biological wastewater setting. These micronutrients enhance biological growth and provide the critical building blocks necessary to maintaining a healthy floc-forming population. This product is a naturally occurring product, not a blend of chemicals.


MicroClear® 209 Marine Sanitation Device



Is a high potency bacteria-laden, powdered formulation. This product is specially formulated & packaged for direct addition to holding tanks, marine heads, drains and grease traps. Use in boats, marinas, restaurants and grease traps.

Contains a specially formulated proprietary blend of microorganisms, micro/macronutrients and surface tension suppressants/penetrants.

The safe, naturally occurring bacteria are present in high numbers to handle difficult organic problems, reduce odor, and are very economical to use.